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How to Get a Relationship Back From the Jaws of Break Up

If you recently broke up with your partner, you probably already know how difficult it can be to cope with the feelings of rejection and heartbreak. What can you do to save a relationship when your partner has left you? Well, here I’ll explain the basic steps on how to get a relationship back after a break up.

How to Get a Relationship Back By Focusing on Healing

First thing first, you’ve just gone through a difficult experience. You need some time to decompress and heal from the drama of losing something as close to you as a relationship.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get it back, but you need to mourn the loss of your relationship so that you can be running at full speed with your emotions under control when you get back together later.

So take the time you need to feel all the feelings you’re going through. Cry if you need to, or do anything else you can to fully express your emotions. Once you let them out and stop trying to bottle them up, youÕll be surprised at how fast you recover.

How to Get a Relationship Back By Dating Again

You should probably keep away from your ex for about one month to give yourself the time you need to really heal. Once this one month period is over though, casually call them up again and ask them to meet you for coffee to catch up and see how things are going.

I know you miss your ex, so one month may seem like a very long time. However, you really do need to take one month off to heal. Trust me, your ex wonÕt forget about you in just one month. And they will probably miss you too (even if things ended badly) and be more than willing to meet you for coffee.

When you meet them, keep yourself composed and relaxed. Don’t blow this whole thing up into something bigger than it really is. Just relax and catch up with them. Try to keep the interaction positive and upbeat, but don’t be afraid to talk about touchy subjects if your ex wants to go there.

If the two of you had a good time on this little coffee date, continue to date your ex causally. Take things slowly and don’t rush right back into a new relationship. After a few weeks, if things seem to be going well, ask them if they would like to give the relationship another shot.

How to Get a Relationship Back By Changing Your Ways

When the two of you are back together, don’t drop the ball and slip back into the patterns and habits that led up to the break up in the first place. Make a committed effort to change things so that you aren’t destined to repeat the mistakes of the past and end up broken up all over again.

So take this second chance as an opportunity to really make your relationship shine and make the changes you need to make to have a successful and fulfilling relationship with your partner. login
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