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Don’t Make These Mistakes If You Want to Know How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous

Did your girlfriend break up with you and now you want her back? Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. What else can you do? Are you considering about making her jealous? If you want to know how to make your ex girlfriend jealous than you must read this.

If you want to know how to make your ex girlfriend jealous, ask yourself what your motives are for doing it. Do you want her to realize how much you mean to her? Do you want her to feel this toxic emotion because it will make you feel better?

If you want revenge and cause her pain than that is your prerogative and but let me just say she is MUCH better without you. If you want to win her back and want her to regret her decision for breaking up with you than you may have a chance of getting her back.

How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous: It’s Not What You Think…

Do you think you could make her jealous by dating someone new? Yeah, dating someone new may stir negative feelings in your girlfriend but will it actually make her come back? No, she could decide that you’re no longer off the market and she should move on too. She could also resent you for dating so soon after your breakup.

Unfortunately, if you get her back through jealousy, how long do you think you and your girlfriend will last this time around? What ever problems you both had, the problems will still be there. Manipulating your ex to come back will not make things any better. Plus, how do you think you’d feel to know she’s only back because you tricked her into coming back?

How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous: Use Self-Improvement

Ever heard of that phrase “how can you expect someone to love you if you don’t love yourself?”

How you feel about yourself makes up most of your reality. If you don’t have confidence, self-esteem, and self-love, you must work on all of them. When you and your girlfriend initially got together, you didn’t need her to be with you, you only wanted her then. You were confident and didn’t depend on someone else to make you happy because you relied on yourself to be happy. If you want to know how to make your ex girlfriend jealous, you’re asking the wrong question.

Go out there and reconnect with friendships you might have put on the back burner since your relationship. Go join a class of your choice at your local community college, meet new friends at a local meet up group, and take up a new hobby or sport. These are other outlets in your life to help you realize that life will be fine with or without her.

Whatever you need in your life, focus all your energy on achieving your aspirations. Once your ex girlfriend sees the new and improved “you”, she might regret her decision of breaking up with you. Instead of wondering how to make your ex girlfriend jealous, focus on improving your own life. login
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